Empowering Environmental Solutions Today, for a Transformed Tomorrow.

Our commitment…


Our Fleet

A well-maintained fleet ensures efficient and prompt service to our valued customers. Our fleet utilizes advanced technology to enhance our efficiency and reduces carbon emissions. We operate with low-emission trucks and route planners allowing us to lower labor costs and avoid wasted time and costs.

Our late model fleet that averages three years old has the newest emissions reduction available along with the best fuel economy available.

Breathe easy, we are lowering your costs at the same time.

Our Facilities

  • Recycle motor oil and metal from truck repairs and container refurbishment.
  • Use LED lighting to lower our utility usage.
  • 90% of our customers are billed electronically.
  • Our drivers’ routes are optimized every day to account for distance and traffic patterns, which are safer and use less fuel.
  • Our use of remote meetings started in the early 2000s

Waste Diversion & Recycling

  • Liberty Disposal successfully diverts more than 60% of MSW (Municipal solid waste).
  • We recycle over 36% of our waste. We provide custom reporting that allows our customers to track by waste type, monitor, and exceed their targets in their firm.
  • According to the EPA, 17 trees are saved for every ton of recycled cardboard.

Check out our progress from last year!


Liberty Disposal is committed to partnering with local businesses, large industries, and military installations to reduce the amount of waste transported to landfills.

We provide reporting giving our customers easy access to weekly or monthly sustainability reporting.


Our People

Our people are who we are. We are committed to investing in our largest asset, our people. Our employees are offered opportunities through certifications and continued education at every turn. From team-building events to maintenance certifications, we have their backs.

  • Through industry association involvement, we are teaching our leaders to be their best and allow the best industry practices to benefit our customers.
  • We can only grow our firm if we grow our people. We challenge each of our employees to be involved in a training program to help them grow.
  • We want our employees to return home safely. Our Statistics maintained by the Federal Department of Transportation support our effort.


We live where we work!  We have a natural passion for the communities we operate in. Liberty Disposal is committed to outreach with a vested interest in real causes and programs that are vital to communal growth. Networking in our communities helps spread awareness and knowledge about the effects of waste management in communities.

  • We improve our communities by providing no-cost services and pitching in.
  • We rely on local small businesses to support our mission.

Work Policies

At Liberty Disposal, safety is our number one priority.

Our work with Federal institutions requires extensive background checks, driving records, and drug screenings. Liberty Disposal is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Liberty Disposal does not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, ethnicity, color, age, disability, or other factors.


Leadership and Diversity

Liberty Disposal is a minority-owned business that has exercised control to a leadership team that is primarily comprised of veterans and women.

These people have been in positions of authority in excess of 10 years.

Reach out to them through the links on our website and arrange service today.

Looking Forward

We look forward to developing relationships with others in our commitment to sustainability. Liberty Disposal is devoted to empowering environmental solutions today, for a transformed tomorrow. Contact us today!

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