2025 Road-EO

Coming February 2025

Welcome to the kickoff of the 2024 driving competition for the 2025 Liberty Disposal Road-EO!

Our driving competitions are a testament to our commitment to maintaining unmatched driver performance and safety standards.

This year, we’re introducing new opportunities for recognition and driver engagement. In addition to the coveted “Driver of the Month” title in each district, we’re proud to announce the introduction of the “Driver of the Quarter” award. This prestigious title will be awarded to the driver with the lowest cumulative score across the three months of the quarter.

The top ten drivers with the lowest scores throughout 2024 will earn a spot to showcase their skills at the 2025 Road-EO, taking place in Tucson, Arizona.

Let the competition begin!

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Contest of Champions


Our annual driving competition preparation is in full swing!

Do you have what it takes to be a champion?

Here at Liberty Disposal, we take pride in our safety record.

We owe it to our employees, families, customers, and everyone on the road to put safety at the forefront of everything we do.

The contest of champions is open to our drivers across multiple states. Through monitoring safety statistics, drivers have an opportunity to earn the title of “driver of the month”. This secures a spot to compete in our upcoming event, the Contest of Champions. Keep scrolling to meet the contenders.

Contest of Champions Day One

Georgia Team Arrival

Check out this awesome footage of our Georgia team arriving in North Carolina for the 2023 Contest of Champions Road-EO!

Contest of Champions Day One

Trivia, Pizza, and Beers

A glimpse into day one of The Contest of Champions 2023 Road-EO!

We had an absolute blast during the North Carolina office tour. Our teams from Arizona, Georgia, Kansas and Oklahoma were able to see where and how our North Carolina support team operates.

Here’s what happened behind the scenes:

Guests and staff took their shot at winning cold hard cash during Customer Service trivia.

Our friends and event sponsors from @rdktrucksales joined in and supported us during the festivities.

The competing drivers were presented with custom hoodies by @westwindprintco .

@dominos of Hampstead, store #8931, came through with hot and fresh pies for our hungry travelers.

@burneysofhampstead made some delicious, glazed croissants for dessert.

@dunkin doughnuts of Hampstead hooked us up with some fresh and hot coffee to warm us up from the rain.

Lastly, Jeff from @abovetopsail was there to capture the magic.

Stay tuned to see how our drivers did during the driving competition during day two of The Contest of Champions!

Contest of Champions Day Two

Driving Course

A glimpse into day two of The Contest of Champions 2023 Road-EO

This is where drivers become Champions!

The dust was flying, and the crowd was cheering as our drivers from Arizona, Georgia, Kansas, and Oklahoma brought this competition to life.

Here’s what happened behind the scenes:

Drivers, guests, and staff enjoyed delicious breakfast burritos prepared by @SmokyTony’sBBQ

@dunkin Donuts of Surf City helped us out with hot and fresh coffee.

Lastly, Jeff and his team from @abovetopsail were there to capture some amazing footage of our drivers competing to be The Champion!

Check out our custom Contest of Champions flag and truck banner by @imagemonster.

Stay tuned to see who completed the driving course the quickest and safest!

COC Compilation


More behind the scenes footage from the 2023 Contest of Champions Road-EO brought to you by @abovetopsail!