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Matthew Brigance

Beth Brigance

Loran Cottle
Safety & Compliance Auditor

North Carolina Financial Office:
16717 US HWY 17, Ste 214
Hampstead, NC 28443

Mailing Address:
PO BOX 489
Hampstead, NC 28443


What is your favorite sports team?

Matt: The Washington Redskins
Beth: The Carolina Panthers
Loran: The Spurs

What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?

Matt: Fly Fishing! I love to fish and need to chill more!!
Beth: I would like to get back to my golf lessons. Great exercise and lots of fresh air!
Loran: A foreign language. Communication is the key to opening so many doors.

If you could eat dinner with someone past, present or future who was not a family member who might they be?

Matt: Winston Churchill, finishing dinner with a cigar and tall whisky!
Beth: Morgan Freeman
Loran: My 13-year-old self. If that counts as family, then I would go with the old man from The Old Man and the Sea.

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